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Amirtha Products

Our Founder

Mrs Kavitha Yuvaraj Babu (Yoga Trainer) the founder of Amirthaa Products has been exploring traditional knows and food as medicine for over two decades. A mother of two children, she has raised her family with no visits to the doctors with the care and attention to the food she cooks and making nature-based products like soaps, legiyam, homemade pickles for her family. The feedback from her friends and relatives and the support from her husband Mr. Yuvaraj inspired her to reach out to all with her products and champion the cause-Go traditional, Live Healthy by launching Amirthaa.

A yoga practitioner and a passionate artist, she believes that prevention of disease is the best form of good health and this can be achieved by consistency and commitment to taking care of ourselves by following traditional practices.

Why we are the best

Natural products

No preservatives

No artificial flavours

Healthy and user-friendly

No side-effects